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First there was the Showbox app. Showbox app hit the Google Play Store like a bolt of lightning and very quickly became the big app that everyone was talking about. This is a streaming app that allows users to watch TV program or film they want, without having to download anything. Better yet, the app is completely for free!


But then Google noticed that people were downloading an app that allowed free streaming and they reacted by taking it down. Of course Google doesn’t want these sorts of apps to exist as it takes away downloads from the likes of Netflix.

So that went and everyone started clamouring to try and find the Showbox APK to download it themselves.

Then, Moviebox broke onto the scene and started doing the exact same thing. Moviebox is just like Showbox with all the same access to films and TV programs. You can simply swipe through different shows and browse them at your leisure. Then, when you find one you like, you can tap on it and it will automatically start playing.

Quickly, Moviebox became the ‘new’ Showbox app and some people even liked it better.You can now download Moviebox APK just like you could download the Showbox APK. It’s right here on this site and you can get it by clicking here:

APK Download Here

You can also still find the usual Showbox APK here:

Showbox APK Download

Why Download Moviebox?

Why download Moviebox? Simply put, it can completely transform the way you enjoy TV and movies for the better. Instead of having to pay a monthly subscription to Amazon or Netflix (which is always far too high), this app will let you enjoy the same service completely for free.

But actually, this service is even better. That’s because Amazon Prime and Netflix only have access to certain shows. They have to do complex deals with the studios and this means that you won’t find everything you want on one platform. To get the best selection of shows and movies, you’d have to make sure you were on both platforms, costing you even more money. And moreover, some of those shows still won’t even be on either of them.

So that’s why moviebox is a million times better. This is a free app that gives you access to everything on Netflix, everything on Amazon Prime and much more. You’ll be able to watch films while they’re still out at the cinema! Be the first to talk about new shows and impress your friends. Likewise, you can watch TV shows from overseas and watch the new episodes as they’re broadcast over there. No more waiting for the shows to come to the US!

There are many more benefits to a tool like this too. One of the main ones is just having all your favorite shows right in your pocket with Showbox APK or Moviebox APK. This way, you can decide to catch up with programs on the train or while you’re washing up the plates after dinner. No moment ever has to be boring again!

Better yet, Showbox and Moviebox also give you the freedom to watch without downloading. That means you won’t need to do aggressive memory management and it means that you won’t have to wait while things download either.

How to Get Started

To get started, just download the Moviebox APK onto your Android device. If you’re not browsing on your smartphone, you can download with your PC and then use the USB cable to transfer the file across.

Next, you’ll need to install a file browser on your Android phone. This will allow you to edit and view individual files on your smartphone, just like you would on a PC. Using something like ES File Explorer (which is free), point your phone to the right folder and then just click on the Moviebox APK or the Showbox APK.

Before you can do this though, you might have to remove a restriction on your device. That’s because most Android devices block installations from sources other than the Play Store in case it’s a virus. So head into your settings, go to ‘security’ and then tell your phone to allow installations from other sources.

Now go to the Moviebox APK or the Showbox APK and then click on it. It will begin installing automatically but you’ll have to accept the permissions first. Once you’ve done this, you can then go back to your settings and put the restriction back on if you want to be safe.

And there you have it! You now have Moviebox installed on your phone. All you need to do to use it, is to open up your app drawer, find the icon and then tap it to load!

What Now?

So now you have the Showbox app or Moviebox APK installed on your device, the next question is: what now? Now you can watch pretty much any film or TV show you can imagine and the way to find your way around is just to hit the search button and start typing. If you swipe downward though, you can sift through the full list of different shows that it has available and you can then tap them to find out more.

Once on the next page, the Moviebox or Showbox app will show you more information about the show. You can read the synopses and then just decide if you want to go ahead and watch. The great thing about this is that when you do, you won’t need to download anything and it will instead start playing right away. This means you can stream immediately and even just pass a board ten minutes while waiting for a bus.

But what’s more is that it won’t need to download onto your phone and take up space. Once you’ve got these apps on your phone, you’ll never want to go back again!

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  1. This is free!? I had no idea. Why am I throwing money out the window for Netflix? Haha I am going to have to try this out. I am on such a tight budget lately because of school starting again, having to move back and pay dorm fees. It is just annoying. Thanks for the info dude! Super psyched for this!

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