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Showbox for iPhone is the most popular video streaming tool for a smartphone. Showbox app lets anybody stream their favorite tv, movies or anything else that they want to watch. If it’s out on DVD, or if it has been on TV, then you can bet that it’s on Showbox ready for you to watch.

Often, we tend to think of things like Showbox as being for Android. We assume that the only way to get something that is a little ‘against the rules’ is to use Android. Android is a much more open market and system and that’s why you will often find things like emulators and video streaming apps on there! Showboxhas a very tight rein on its store and makes it incredibly hard for users to download apps that they would rather they didn’t…

So how do you get Showbox on iPhone? Let’s take a look…

What is Showbox for iphone ipad?

First though, let’s take a look at what Showbox is. There’s a good chance you already know and that’s what brought you to the site. After all, Showbox is a highly popular app and quickly developed a big following on Android before it got removed. When it was gone, a lot of users were unhappy that they wouldn’t be able to watch their favorite shows anymore and so they started searching for Showbox and for alternative options.

Essentially, Showbox works by allowing you to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. This means all of the big shows and films you’ve seen advertised. That’s right, you can watch Agents of Shield, Nashville, Game of Thrones, Batman vs Superman, Civil War and so much more. Likewise, all future shows will be ready to watch right here – sometimes before they even get into the cinema!

When you load up Showbox though, it won’t feel like subpar software. This is a beautifully made app that works just like Netflix and has all the same sheen and polish. You’ll be able to seamlessly scroll through different shows and look at their titles and synopses before deciding to watch, just like on a paid service.

Better yet, when you decide you want to watch, you’ll just have to tap on the name of the show and it will start playing! That’s right: there’s no need to download and instead everything will be streamed straight from the web.

This means you don’t need to plan in advance what you want to watch. It also means you can watch wherever you want and however you want: prop your phone up and watch TV while you’re chopping onions, or catch up on the show you missed last night on your commute to work the next day!

Showbox For iPhone iPad | Download Showbox For iOS

Showbox for Iphone

How to Get Showbox for iPhone iPad or iOS Devices

So how do you get Showbox? Just the same as for Android, you’re going to need to ‘sideload’ this app which means you need to install it from somewhere other than the official channels (in this case, iTunes). That means you’re going to need to download Showbox here first:

From there, you can then install the app manually by dragging it onto your device and then running it using a browser.

But wait… how can you do all that on an iPhone? You see there is an additional step you need to take which is to jailbreak your phone first. This basically means you’re removing the restrictions that Apple has put on your phone. It’s your device after all, you should be able to use it how you want! Once you have jailbroken your phone, you’ll gain access to the system level features and this will let you run a number of more in-depth applications that require that kind of access.Also, if you looking to install this app in personal computer or laptop you can check out Showbox for PC.

Don’t worry about Jailbreaking – it won’t void your warranty and it’s not against the law. Plus, it will let you do all kinds of additional extra things that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to – including installing a range of exciting apps that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you like emulators and TV remotes.

Showbox for IOS

There are much more reasons to jailbreak an iPhone but the best one by far is definitely so that you can download Showbox. This is an incredible tool that will transform the way you consume media and enjoy your favorite TV and movies. Download it today and see for yourself just what a massive difference it will make!

What if it Doesn’t Work?

Things change all the time in the world of technology and if you can’t find an iOS version of Showbox, then there are other options. One such option is to download an alternative. Things like Moviebox exist to do the same thing as Showbox but actually do it better in some cases. There is a whole iOS store that exists especially for jailbroken users. Install this and you can then try searching for streaming apps that will work just like Showbox APP for Android.

moviebox for iphone

Finally, you could also try going through the browser and finding a website that does something similar. There are several websites like this but unfortunately only a select few will work on iOS and you’ll get a lot of ads and other problems coming up. A way around this is to install a different browser that will work with more of those streaming sites but it still won’t be quite as good as a streaming app.


  1. I am finding more and more reasons to move away from iPhones. I have had nothing but iPhones for the last 4 years and while I enjoy them, they are only becoming more and more limited. I travel a lot so using something like this on my phone would be beneficial. I am going to try it out on my tablet and if I like it, I may just switch my phone, get a Galaxy or something. Heard those phones are great for streaming as well.

  2. I am so glad I went with a Galaxy s7 last year instead of another iPhone. I did not want to have to break my phone just to enjoy stuff like this. What a pain that is. My friend does it for people as well and makes some good money doing it but it just isn’t worth it for me. Great post, very informative.

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