Showbox App Update Not Working | Fix Available

Are you getting the dreaded ‘Update Not Working’ message from Showbox? The Showbox app is a truly amazing app for Android that has transformed the way that many of us enjoy online content. The great thing about this app is that it allows you to watch pretty much any TV show or any film that you can think of, streaming it completely live and without having to download anything. In that way you might think it’s very similar to Netflix. There’s just one big difference: it’s free! Actually scratch that, there’s two. The other big difference? Showbox gives you access to every show and film – not just a select few!

With that in mind, it’s very easy to get hooked on your favorite show and to find yourself squeezing in TV whenever you get a free moment. It’s great!

Until you load up the app and see the message ‘App Update Not Working, Server Not Available Today’. Suddenly, your heart sinks and you realize that you can’t watch your favorite shows. So what’s going on and what can you do about it?

The Problem

What this error is saying in essence, is that the Showbox app servers aren’t reachable by your Android device. That means that what’s stored there, you aren’t able to download. This is a problem because it’s how you download shows!


Except that this isn’t always the case: because there are other things on these servers too. For instance, this is where Showbox stores its updates and pushes them to users occasionally. Because Showbox is no longer on the Google Play Store, it now needs to update people with newer versions of the app itself.

update showbox apk

So what does this mean for you? It means you can’t get at the new version. And that might mean you can’t watch!

What to do

The good news is that this might not mean you can’t use the Showbox app at all. That’s because it’s only the update that you can’t access. Most programs – Showbox for Android included – actually use multiple servers in a cloud system. This then means that users can be directed to different copies of the file. And it also means that just because the server with your app on it is down, your videos aren’t necessarily lost as well.

The only way to find out if this is the case then is to try dismissing the message and using the older version of the app as normal. Depending on the nature of the update, there’s a good chance it will work!

The other option is to try and handle the update manually. Thankfully, this is actually a very easy task and all you need to do is to repeat the steps you took to download Showbox and install it in the first place. That means you need to download the Showbox APK which is the installation file, only this time you’re going to download the newer version. We keep copies of all versions of the Showbox app on this site, so just browse and find the one you need! Then you can drag that Showbox APK over to your Android device using a USB cable and navigate to it through the phone itself using a file explorer such as ES File Explorer. Once done, click the app and it will begin to install!

showbox clear data and cache

Remember though, you also need to make sure your phone is accepting uploads from other locations (not Google Play) and this might be turned off by default depending on your device. This is a security measure but you can usually switch it off by going into your settings then security.

Other Options

There are other options for getting the Showcase app to work again too. One option? Just wait. The guys over at Showcase are constantly working to get this up and running and to make sure that the app works its very best. When it stops working properly, they’ll be clamouring to get it back up and going so all you have to do is wait a little until it’s on again and the update gets pushed through.

In fact, you might even find this is just a ‘blip’. In a few cases, simply turning off your device and then rebooting it will be enough to solve the issue and put you back to work again.

Finally, consider trying some of the other great options for your Showcase app fix. That might mean using something like Moviebox or Playbox. Either of these will do a similar job and will tide you over while you wait for Showbox to get up and running once more.

Another option is Popcorn Time. This is a similar streaming service except for the PC. Which brings us to our next option: streaming with Showbox on your PC! You can do this by downloading an Android emulator and then installing Showbox APK as though it were an Android device. In some cases, this might fix the issue. Otherwise, you can also try installing it on an alternative Android device if you have one lying around.


There are lots of things that can go wrong with an app as complicated as Showbox. Thankfully, the problems are normally pretty simple to fix too and if you just wait, it will normally be up and running again in no time! Meanwhile, have a think about all the different shows that you might want to watch on your phone when it’s working again. You can research ideas online, talk to friends or just try to remember all the things you couldn’t watch before.

Overall, Showbox for Android is an amazing free app and we’re very lucky to have access to it. Enjoy it while it lasts and put up with the foibles that occasionally arise! If you do, then you’ll have access to any show you can imagine and you’ll never have a boring afternoon ever again. Now that’s the wonder of modern technology for you!


  1. IT WORKED! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this information. I have tried everything I could think of and was suggested so many things. None of them worked. My update would just crash or something. It was weird. I went through the process and it worked like a charm. THANK YOU!!!

  2. I am only getting one server it is server3 not able to download just watch

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